Borrowing from the characteristics of terrestrial Austrian topography, the handbag was imagined as a vertical landscape made up of hills, valleys, and pools. The bag is finished in an one of a kind nardo grey color scheme. This exhibition piece is topped by 10234 light sapphire handset Swarovski crystals, which intend to represent the shimmer and shine of Austria's mountain lakes. The interior is crafted with the finest selection of light blue calf leather. High-tech milling technologies and the highest level of leather and paintwork craftsmanship in the world are used for the manufacturing. Nardo comes in firm designed custom Rimowa case with a titanium identification card.

25/29/14 Cm
1,3 Kg
Extremely rare Spaceship metal, Calf leather
Handcrafted in Austria and Italy
1 of 1 
488 hours raw production time

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