Presented by Johannes Jochum and Philipp Kaltschmid, Beloved Mafia is an Austrian based design firm that is widely recognized as one of design’s most futuristic creators who continuously push the boundaries of design and experience. Since their first project in 2016, the duo has been preoccupied with the fundamental approach to bring future design concepts to the present, transforming design fiction to reality by combining the most high-tech and rarest materials and product construction systems into their unique vision.

Beloved Mafia is known as a pioneer in utilizing computerized numerical control technologies as the main construction technique and as an innovator who is deeply obsessed with using technology and science as one of the guiding principles in their work. The duo’s intent is to transform the future into a distinct version of the present by fusing complex technology and superlative craftsmanship.

Beloved Mafia’s creations has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including a show at the Art Basel Miami 2018. Due to Beloved Mafia’s fascination in a multidisciplinary approach to creation that goes beyond product design, they have collaborated with various fashion designers, artists and architects. Today, Beloved Mafia continues to work within their Austrian based studio, where new ideas are born, and where exhibition pieces are meticulously crafted, by a collective of highly skilled experts in the alps of Austria for their global clientele.