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BELOVED MAFIA™ is a foundation built on the relentless pursuit of the superlative. The Austrian based design firm straddles the line between fashion and art. Founded in 2016 by the duo Johannes Jochum and Philipp Kaltschmid, they are committed to shape a new era in the handbag segment for women. Their fundamental approach is to bring future design concepts to the present, transforming design fiction to reality.

They found a union of their deep obsession with conceptual design, architecture, sculpture and their fascination for high-tech aerospace engineering. As a result of the complex implementation of aerospace technologies in the manufacturing process, BELOVED MAFIA™ operates in new spheres in terms of quality and precision. Rare and high-tech materials offer an unprecedented approach to express their creative work.

Shaped with patience, precision and perfection these handcrafted exhibition pieces are made by a collective of highly skilled experts in the alps of Austria. On the way through perfection the handbags pass through 12 pairs of hands and it takes several months to design, construct and craft each piece before it is handed to its owner. BELOVED MAFIA™ is unique. It's a celebration of conceptual design and superlative craftsmanship. BELOVED MAFIA™ is determined to always offer the extraordinary. The superlative.